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The instrumentation that is available in the laboratory of magnetism at the department of physics “e.r. caianiello” gives the opportunity to perform a series of quantitative didactic experiments addressed to the understanding of the characteristics of the magnetic field and of the magnetic properties of the materials. in particular, among the experiments that can be performed, it is worth highlighting:

1) characterization of the magnetic field produced by a finite solenoid, and analysis of the differences and analogies respect to the ideal case;

2) measurement of the interaction between the electrical current and the magnetic field;

3) measurements of the magnetic permeability of a material by using a Hall probe ;

4) determination of the intensity of magnetization of a ferromagnetic rod with the method of the solenoid and the compass;

5) measurement of the magnetic force

6) measurement of the magnetic moment of a ferromagnetic sample by using a couple of Helmholtz coils;

7) measurement of the magnetic permeability of a material by means of a response of a RL circuit to a square wave;

8) measurement of the magnetic permeability of air;

9) study of the magnetic circuits

10) analysis of the phenomena of electromagnetic induction

11) simulation of magnetic fields produced by different configurations of magnetic sources and comparison with the analogous real cases