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The activities in Physics at the University of Salerno started around 1972, thanks to the founding action of prof. Eduardo R. Caianiello, who at that time was Chair Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Naples. After moving to Salerno, he successfully established the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences at the University of Salerno.

At the beginning, the research activities focused on quantum field theory, cybernetics and superconductivity. Since then, the Department developed along different research directions open to relevant collaborations with national and international research institutions. Nowadays, it hosts about one hundred researchers, counting faculty members, post-docs, graduate students, and researchers of the CNR-SPIN Institute.

The scientific activities have grown over the years and now cover many thematic areas, such as astrophysics, geophysics, particle physics, statistical mechanics, condensed matter physics and biophysics, with successful achievements both in theoretical and experimental frameworks.

The variety of educational opportunities offered at the Department is based upon a solid tradition of teaching and research. The Department organises the undergraduate courses in Physics, and leads the graduate program in Mathematics, Physics and Applications.

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