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Physics PLS (a national initiative to promote graduation in scientific majors) and the Physics Summer School

Didactical activities concerning diffusion of the scientific knowledge take usually place at the Physics teaching laboratory. By these activities a direct engagement of high school teachers and students is sought. During the past few years specific steps were taken to implement PLS actions, such as the Physics Summer School addressed to junior and senior high school students.

The "DIVERTIesperiMENTI" exhibit

Material from the exhibit “DIVERTIesperiMENTI” (which could be translated as “experiMENTAL FUN”) is stored in the Physics teaching Laboratory. This exhibit is meant to favour the pedagogical approach of learning by doing. A second purpose of this exhibit is to strengthen the link between High Schools (mainly from the provinces of Avellino, Benevento and Salerno) and the Physics Department.