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Dipartimento di Fisica "E.R.Caianiello"/DF
AWARD for the best PhD thesis
Compressed Fluid Technologies Division of the Association of Finnish Chemical Societies (Finland) - Finlandia
The Compressed Fluid Technologies credited Dr. Renata Adami for her doctoral thesis: " Micronization of pharmaceuticals and food ingredients using supercritical fluid techniques". The thesis was accepted in the University of Turku in December 2007.The merits of her dissertation included multi-disciplinary approach and the application of new techniques into practice. Dr. Adami studied the mechanisms of micronization in pressurized fluids and practical applications in the fields of pharma- and food industries.The research was done in collaborative projects between the University of Turku, Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and MTT Agrifood Research Finland. Domestic companies and the University of Salerno also participated. The research was co-funded from participating organizations, Drug 2000 national research program (TEKES), the Academy of Finland and CIMO.
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