Fisica delle Astroparticelle

Research Fisica delle Astroparticelle

The Astroparticle Physics group of the Physics Department of the University of Salerno is mainly involved in neutrino astronomy with neutrino telescopes and muon tomography.

  • Neutrino astronomy: Neutrino astronomy searches for extraterrestrial sources of neutrinos to determine the origin of cosmic rays. In order to do so, it is necessary to build large-volume Cherenkov detectors (up to km³ volumes) to detect the weak signals emitted by neutrino interactions. The group is involved in the activities of the KM3NeT Collaboration, which is building the next-generation neutrino observatories in the Mediterranean Sea, ARCA, and ORCA.
  • Muon tomography: Muon tomography is an imaging technique using cosmic ray muons to build a projection image of a volume. By registering the muon flux on nuclear emulsions it is possible to study the inner parts of geological structures such as volcanoes or tectonic faults, allowing the determination of possible changes that are not visible on the surface. The research activities are conducted at the G. Romano laboratory.

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