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Quantum phenomena, topology, and transport in low-dimensional systems

Low-dimensional systems, in which spatial dimensions are small enough to restrict the quantum mechanical wavefunction of electrons or atoms, exhibit some of the most diverse and intriguing phenomena seen in condensed matter physics. There has been tremendous interest in low-dimensional quantum systems during the last twenty years, fueled by a constant stream of striking discoveries, the realization of new state-of-art

electronic nanodevices and the potential applications in quantum technologies. Our group has concentrated its theoretical activity on the paradigm of low-dimensional systems, where “nanostructures” (based on superconductors or novel materials) can be engineered at the atomic scale. In addition, we have devoted our studies to low-dimensional systems of interest for quantum simulations, such as ultracold atomic gases
loaded in anisotropic traps and optical lattices. Other low-dimensional materials that have received considerable interest, since their discovery less than a decade ago, and for which our research has contributed, are graphene and topological materials. The group's theoretical work also concerns the study of Josephson anomalous effects in peculiar superconducting systems involving, for instance, semiconductive nanowires or interfaces between complex insulating oxides. Many of the subjects covered by our group are central to the currently fashionable fields of mesoscopic and topological physics, spintronics, spin-orbitronics, atomtronics, and quantum simulation.

Members of the research group:

External collaborators: Dr. Jacopo Settino (CNR)

International collaborations: Eugene Demler (ETH, Zurich), Thierry Giamarchi and Andrea Caviglia (University of Géneve), Edmond Orignac (ENS, Lyon), Corinna Kollath (University of Bonn)


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